The importance of Digital Branding for the new reality
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The importance of Digital Branding for the new reality

Mg. Patricia Ticas. Chief of Branding Operation-Co Founder of Pepper Design & Branding. Design applied to the company Master in Fepade / Mónica Herrera
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Today we live with uncertainty, anguish, fear, but in the end, there is something we all have and that is, hope. Hope, that surely something better will come. Hope that if I am an entrepreneur that grows in the midst of a crisis; and I am selling, I will do well! Hope for work, hope for economic growth, hope that everything will end, etc. 

You may ask me why I am starting this entry with these words? Because brands are people speaking through digital or other media. They are an active entity that transmits all the emotions that we want our public to know, a personality that currently has to be radically different from others, to achieve that position that we seek in the market, that differentiation.


Through Branding, we offer positive messages, full of life, and that is what we want, to make our customers lives brighter. We want brands to leave a mark in their hearts, because we make products with love, with passion, with commitment, with energy. We want that in the middle of this crisis, the product we have constructed over so many years, remains in the market and keeps on going.


Why change now? Because we are no longer the same as before, because we are different and our lives have changed, have improved and have become better people. The same happens with brands, they have to evolve over time, communicate different things. Consumers are waiting for these changes, they want to see that the brand they love so much, gives them something more, that it has changed for the better, it is more human, it is warm, modern, it is digital, thinking about the best for your family, etc. 


We have customers, who call us with enthusiasm and tell us I want to change, I want to turn the brand around and see how we sell more. It is an attitude of hope, of positivism and knowing that with your change We will achieve that goal, that for every businessperson is the main goal. 


I think it is important to stop in our day and think about what could improve in my brand. How could I make my brand better seen and positioned?



I hope this information has helped you, if you want to know more about digital branding, visit or write to our social networks, in Pepper Design & Branding we put flavor to your brand.



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