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Branding for websites

MCI Lic. Alejandro Villalta. Chief Branding Officer-Co Founder de Pepper Design & Branding. Master en Comercio Exterior- Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
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In the world we live in today, we find more and more competitors, that is why investing in great branding for your website is not an option for your company, it is a must, a necessity; if you want your brand to be recognized.


Having a website is a good tool to have a strong digital strategy. Let's start by making clear that there are several types of websites: There are those that are easy for you to create (in platforms that make it easy to do so),but in the long run, you don't really own it and if you need to take your domain to another server it will be really difficult. Another type is the ones that have the same design templates and you only need to change photos and text, but you will have basically the same website as thousands of other businesses. Finally, there are the ones that are more customized, these ones reflect the essence of your brand and communicate your brand concept. They show the necessary information and contain product catalogs, e-commerce, etc.. 


Branding is extremely important when creating a website because they need to transmit an experience. Thus, when customers visit it, both local or foreign people who want to know more about your products or services can experience the concept of the brand and are encouraged to buy from you.


This requires a lot of work, since it is necessary to create a concept, develop graphic guidelines and apply them to the website, so that the programming is user-friendly. Regardless of the above, what you must have is great branding. It would be a big mistake to create a website for a company that is 10, 20 or 50 years old and continue with the same image that was probably created since its foundation. This will limit the fonts, colors and shapes we can use to make the website more interactive and functional. 


When you are create a new website, you want to evolve, it is the perfect time to do a rebranding. You can take the opportunity to change the logo, the graphic line, photographic style, typographies, etc. and then create a website to go with it and communicate that the company has changed, no matter if it is 5, 10, 20 or 50 years old.


Websites are constantly evolving, at the time programs such as flash were used to animate objects or make transitions, but after a while this is already outdated so we must always be aware of new trends to have our website always updated. Generally the lifespan of a website to be considered as in trend is from 4 to 5 years. Nowadays the trend is to have scroll down sites with adaptability especially for mobiles.They usually transmit the essence of the brand showing  experiences and telling a story.


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