Branding for a real estate project
Pepper design

Branding for a real estate project

Portada sta rosa
Condado Santa Rosa was conceived as Bolivar's first residential housing project. It targeted young families that were recently married and looking for a different lifestyle, set away from the city and surrounded mostly by green areas and open spaces. The houses' architecture are known for being highly functional and offer a different living experience with an ecological landscape; that invites residents to live recreational moments with the family and encourages a lifestyle based on community collaboration.

Pepper’s Challenge
It was to convey in a new brand, the concept of a different lifestyle that would be attractive to the target audience that included the name, slogan and all the brand image.


Pepper’s Solution
A market analysis was developed by the pepper team to create the name and slogan "Un lugar incomparable”, which means “An incomparable place". The team also designed a logo that denotes green tones to simulate the treetops and made allusions to the green areas and open spaces that predominate in the residential project. Also,a modern typography was used to complement the logo.



In our client's words:
"Thanks to Pepper Design & Branding, we were able to position our name and slogan in the minds of our consumers, and everything that was developed for the brand became a
differentiator for us.”

- Vilma Torres

Brand Leader Santa Rosa


Client: Bolivar


Brand: Santa Rosa

- Naming
- Slogan
- Institutional graphic line
- Advertising graphic line
- Sales brochure

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