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Branding for packages that scream at the point of sale!
Carvajal is a multinational company that has several business branches, among which the production of plastic disposables stands out. Several of these brands are market leaders such as Dipsa, Termoform and Picnic; These have been the first to be released after renewal, however, the target did not recognize the brands.
Pepper Design & Branding redesigned Carvajal product brands in order to position them and increase sales, through packaging design, making them striking enough to stand out from the competition.
The goal was to refresh each of the brands by improving their logos without separating from their essence, making them look more friendly. The logo of each of the lines not only combines with their personalities, but together with their packaging they achieve a visual impact that achieves the goal of creating effective brand recognition and increased sales.
The client's phrase:
“We have really dressed the gondolas with our packaging. Our brands look much more and in modern channel we have grown 15%. ”
Luz Amanda de Salazar, Marketing Manager
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