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Park Avenue

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Park Avenue
Branding for footwear fashion


Park Avenue is a chain of independent stores in the field of fashion and footwear where the best international brands that define trends in the market for ladies and gentlemen.
The challenge for Pepper Design & Branding was to transform Park Avenue into a clean and modern brand, under a minimalist concept that would allow it to be at the forefront of global fashion trends.
Customer's Phrase:  
“The impact we have achieved on our customers is very favorable, now they are satisfied and have noticed the change, we have added sophistication to the brand. I had the right product but the face we were selling needed some refresh. With the makeover we had a 30% increase in our first quarter. It has really been a radical change that was achieved thanks to Pepper Design and Branding. ”
Lic. Beatriz Campos, General Manager of Park Avenue
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