Branding for a hotel & resort
Pepper design

Branding for a hotel & resort

Paraíso Escondido is an exclusive private beach villa & resort, perched on a mountain in the beautiful coastline of El Salvador. It is located specifically at km 77 of the coastal highway, between the 4th and 5th tunnel, in the municipality of Teotepeque, department of La Libertad. It is the perfect setting for a luxurious vacation to enjoy, relax and get away from everyday life. Conceptualized and directed to high budget persons, either foreigners or Salvadorans living abroad.


The Pepper Challenge

The mission was to create a brand that would reinforce the exclusivity and privacy we had in mind when building the hotel in order to launch it and attract tourists despite being in a less visible location.




The Pepper Solution

The Pepper team created a customized branding strategy in which a premium personality was assigned, followed by a unique concept.. In addition, a logo was designed to represent the essence of the place, the vegetation, the waves and the caves, all in one. Using fresh and soothing colors, a stylish  typography was used to show at first glance the exclusivity of the place. As a result, a brand has been built that is currently very well positioned in the minds of foreign visitors to El Salvador who come just to visit the resort, even booking for a full week.



In our client's words: 

“Thanks to the brand concept created by Pepper Design & Branding, we have had very exclusive international and national clients, who knew about us due to the positioning and presence of the brand in social networks."


Rosa Mejia 

General Manager of Paraíso Escondido


Client: Paraíso Escondido


Brand: Paraíso Escondido



  • Branding Assessment

  • Brand book

  • Logo

  • Advertising guideline

  • Institutional guideline

  • Naming

  • Social Networking Manual 

  • Digital Strategy


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