Branding for a real estate project
Pepper design

Branding for a real estate project

Portada sta rosa
Condado Santa Rosa was born as the first project of Bolívar focused on houses. They wanted to target young families, recently married and interested in a different lifestyle away from the city and surrounded mostly by green areas and open spaces. They are known for their houses being highly functional and for offering an incomparable living experience with an ecological style that invites live moments of family recreation and encourages the generation of community.


The Pepper Challenge 

The mission was to convey the whole concept of a different lifestyle in a branding that would be attractive to the target audience, from the name and slogan to the brand image.





The Pepper Solution

The Pepper team made an analysis to create the name and slogan "Un lugar incomparable”, which means “An incomparable place", and also designed a logo with green tones to simulate the treetops and making allusion to the green areas and open spaces that predominate in the place. Also, modern typography was used to complement the imagotype.




Others projects

Branding for packaging that scream at sale of point!

Portada blog

Carvajal is a multinational company that has several branches of business, where the production of plastic disposables stands out. Several of these brands are leaders in the market such as Dipsa, Termoform and Picnic; being Dipsa the most sold in El Salvador, followed by Termoform and Picnic. These have been the first "to go" in the market after its renovation.

Thanks to Pepper Design our clients admire the new image of Almacenes Santa Lucía

Portada santa lucia

Our Branding experts team revolutionized Santa Lucia’s image warehouses, with the aim of positioning it as a "Ready to wear" store in the fashion market. With a network of 24 stores nationwide, it has managed to enter the market through well-known brands at affordable prices. However, it had been placed in the mind of the consumer as a second-hand goods store, so the brand had to reinvent itself and offer a series of competitive advantages.

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