Branding for a real estate project
Pepper design

Branding for a real estate project

Portada sta rosa
Condado Santa Rosa was born as the first project of Bolívar focused on houses. They wanted to target young families, recently married and interested in a different lifestyle away from the city and surrounded mostly by green areas and open spaces. They are known for their houses being highly functional and for offering an incomparable living experience with an ecological style that invites live moments of family recreation and encourages the generation of community.


The Pepper Challenge 

The mission was to convey the whole concept of a different lifestyle in a branding that would be attractive to the target audience, from the name and slogan to the brand image.





The Pepper Solution

The Pepper team made an analysis to create the name and slogan "Un lugar incomparable”, which means “An incomparable place", and also designed a logo with green tones to simulate the treetops and making allusion to the green areas and open spaces that predominate in the place. Also, modern typography was used to complement the imagotype.




Others projects

Branding in an online store


Mi Carretilla is an online shopping site with reach throughout Central America. It was born with the idea of ​​selling all kinds of items online at regional level.

Branding for a footwear and accessories startup

Portada muliera

Mulieri was born as a startup with the desire to create shoes; not only with a good design, but also with the possibility of adapting them to each client. That is why the idea of making customized shoes came up. It has different types of shoes, including espadrilles, oxfords, sandals in a variety of tones and textures. Mulieri currently not only manufactures shoes, but also sells accessories such as bags, hats, scarves, etc. The brand has worldwide distribution through its online platforms and has gradually gained international status and recognition, to the extent of being invited to exclusive European fashion shows, including the spring edition of London Fashion Week 2019 organized by the British Fashion Council.

Bows for a cause

Content dodo new2

Dodo Bows is a different brand with a social sense that arises from the story of Adriana María Villalta Ticas, who is detected on the third day of birth a congenital disease called Tetralogía de Fallot. Disease that is formed from the 8 weeks of gestation in the womb of the mother, it is unknown where it comes from and occurs in one of every 1,000 children.

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