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Branding for financial services

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CREDICAMPO, is a financial company operating in the East of El Salvador. It was born as part of an initiative to support people in rural areas. The project started as a foundation and later evolved into a financial one, granting loans for micro entrepreneurs.

The Challenge

The challenge The old image of CREDICAMPO had an image with simple and literal elements, like a house, a mountain pines and a sun representing a new dawn. All these elements were enclosed in an oval that limited and distorted the image, preventing its readability and applications. In addition, CREDICAMPO had evolved as a brand along with the financial sector in El Salvador, therefore it needed the creation of a new branding that would reflect its growth, but that would retain its essence.



The Pepper Solution

The process began with a Branding Assessment, in which the team of creative Pepper, redefined the brand personality, incorporating new features, and then worked on the segmentation of targets. Then, we proceeded with the creation of the new image. A logo design was created to its roots. It was necessary to show that the brand had taken a leap into the future, even that it had grown so much that it could soon cease to be a micro financial.

An isotype was conceptualized that had all the essence of the brand uniting the following rural elements: The earth, the field and the simplified dawn. Then, it was reinforced with the word CREDICAMPO in a more friendly and thick typography to generate visual impact to the brand, denoting the solidity of it. To finish, applications of the new image were made, both in internal and advertising elements and the new image was launched in an internal event.






Client Phrase

"We are very grateful for all the support and good work that Pepper Design and Branding has done. The project was completed in record time and the implementation has been impeccable. All our team has received the new image change with great joy, and everyone is very excited to promote the new brand."

Ing. Luis Torres
Marketing Manager of CREDICAMPO 



  • Branding Assessment
  • Brandbook
  • Graphic Advertising Line
  • Web Design
  • Promotional Design
  • Marketing Strategy

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