3 indispensable marketing trends for 2020
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3 indispensable marketing trends for 2020

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We are already in 2020 and as every year, we must investigate and be aware of the marketing trends that are in force and will be used more frequently to be as prepared as possible for any adversity.

In Pepper Design & Branding we have already taken note of the most important trends in the main areas of marketing. Do you want to know what they are? Well don't miss this article!

1. Personal branding     

It is important to work on our personal brand and above all to know how to project it, this applies to everyone, entrepreneurs, company executives or independent professionals. People should be sure to reflect the values that represent them, project an image and live it as the experts they are in their field.

Personal branding is basically making us an individual brand, which will not only serve to make us known, but must also highlight the value of “Myself”, the competitive advantage that distinguishes us from other brands.

A strong personal brand can only be if a deep self-analysis has been carried out, when strengths and weaknesses, personal resources, the experience we have are identified and, above all, our values and priorities, it is easier to start creating our personal brand. 

2. Connect with your client     

Today, technology has evolved so much that it is more complicated to ensure that advertising reaches the right person at the right time and above all, that the message remains in the mind of the consumer. For that reason, we must appeal to emotions, use neuromarketing tools, and that our brand causes an emotional impact on them. We can create a link, which we must maintain through the trust and value we give with our service or product.

There are fewer and fewer people loyal to brands, this is due to the ease of access to the information we have and how vulnerable we have become due to the influence of social networks, so it is best to pay attention to insights and turn them into stories that connect with the consumer.

Here are some ways to connect with customers:

  • Solving a need.

Many people want a product or service to solve a need and it is here that the first level of connection with the customer is established. Asking questions can help you check if you are effectively connecting with your consumers, for example, how are you delivering the products? How are you solving the needs of your consumers?

  • Satisfy a pleasure.

To meet this point, it is important that the product or service you offer has characteristics that can satisfy the customer and awaken sensory reactions in them. For this, you can analyze if your product is really awakening the interest or pleasure of customers so that they prefer you over other brands.

  • Offer experiences.

At this point, in addition to solving needs, you must offer something more to your consumers, a good option is to offer emotional experiences to guarantee not only the sale of a product or service, but also generate a link with consumers and their loyalty. 

  • Social Awareness     

In the absence of differentiation from competition, brands apply different techniques, either through changes in their own good/ service or by performing marketing actions that become positioned in the consumer's brain as different and that generate a memory.

Because of the change and deterioration of the environment, several companies have decided to lean on the Green Marketing. If you're already doing it, it is important to know how to communicate it and if not, you can find several options to do it effectively in order to add a competitive edge and a change of perception of the consumer about your brand, showing that the company cares about the environment.


We expect these trends help you and that you can apply them to grow in the world of marketing and keep innovating. If you want more information on how to implement these trends or reinforce your brand, go to www.pepper-design.net or make your appointment (503) 21328888.


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