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Branding for Urban Developments

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Paseo del Prado is an urban development of Grupo Roble, located in “Carretera de Oro” San Salvador, El Salvador. This is an area with much potential in the near future of the city of San Salvador, El Salvador.

Rebranding for Financial Associatons

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COOP 1 Is a savings and loans Financial association that operates in the country side of El Salvador and has their headquarters in the department of Santa Ana. It´s main characteristic is to be the most proffitable Financial Associaton in the country.

3 Branding Tips for Empowered Women's Stores

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By Lic. Patricia E. Ticas Chief of Branding Operations – Co Founder of Pepper Design & Branding.

Throughout the 12 years that I have been an entrepreneur as Co-Founder of Pepper Design & Branding, I have come to understand that the governmental and financial entities with which I have had the pleasure of working always give a greater percentage of support when a Company is led by a woman.

Branding for the architectural industry in Houston

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Intech is a very innovative company focused in the architectural industry, they offer services with a twist of technology; for example, they do drafting for aqrquitects, contractors and disegners, who need an extra hand.

What is branding?

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By MCI Lic. Alejandro Villalta. Chief Branding Officer and Co-Founder of Pepper Design & Branding.

The concept of Branding is difficult to describe because it is something that is not yet fully defined in a concrete way like any other concept in a dictionary. It is somewhat complicated because there are different versions, including bad conceptions.

Branding for an urban restaurant


New York Rap it`s a grab and go restaurant located in Antiguo Cuscatlán near to one of the biggest universities in El Salvador, UCA. They offer a diversity of wraps with flavors inspired in New York City and it’s culture.

A great branding behind a good gift

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LIV is a trendy lifestyle shop offering gifts and contemporary accessories wich selects and collects items from different corners of the world.

Branding for financial services

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CREDICAMPO, is a financial company operating in the East of El Salvador. It was born as part of an initiative to support people in rural areas. The project started as a foundation and later evolved into a financial one, granting loans for micro entrepreneurs.

Branding for a real estate project

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Torre Premier is a premium apartments project, born in 2018. Located in Colonia San Benito, it offers a modern and cosmopolitan lifestyle, and also an ideal location for it’s residents.

Branding for a coffee in search of new targets

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Coex Café is the best known brand of the COEX group, which is dedicated to the preparation and export of roasted and ground coffee 100% Salvadoran. This coffee is consumed at a massive level, and is known to be a traditional coffee.

Lateral thinking as a tool for everyday use

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By Escrito por: Mg. Alejandro Villalta. Chief Branding Officer-Co Founder de Pepper Design & Branding. Master en Comercio Exterior- Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

What is lateral thinking? Lateral thinking is looking for different solutions or alternatives for a problem, without thinking in the traditional way (linear thinking).