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15 March, 2022
Cliente Credicampo

La antigua imagen de CREDICAMPO tenía una imagen con elementos simples y literales. . A demás CREDICAMPO había evolucionado como marca junto al rubro financiero en El Salvador, por lo tanto necesitaba de la creación de un nuevo branding que reflejara su crecimiento, pero que conservara su esencia.

Branding for an affordable vodka

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13 February, 2022
Cliente DISAL

Petrov Titán is a Salvadoran vodka brand that was created to fulfill the needs of working, strong and active men.  This target wants to drink good vodka as a prize for their daily effort and wants it to be affordable.

Branding for a family restaurant

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26 January, 2022
Cliente El Barrilito

El Barrilito is a restaurant that opened in 1986 in the Eastern zone of El Salvador. From the beginning, it has been known to offer clients a happy environment perfect for having a good time with friends and family as well as a wide and unique gastronomic offer, with different dishes that have the characteristic flavors of the area.

Branding for a Butchery Shop in El Salvador

18 October, 2021
Cliente La Butcheria

La Butcheria is the first butchery shop in El Salvador where you can find all types of Premium Beef cuts and CAB (Certified Angus Beef) perfect for every occasion, from daily meals to weekend barbecues with friends. We designed a modern logo using a solid and visible typography and an icon representing a beef´s head, which tells us about the meat´s origin. It communicates quality, experience and has an International look, since the shop sells imported cuts.

Branding for a real estate project

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05 May, 2021
Cliente Bolivar

Condado Santa Rosa was conceived as Bolivar's first residential housing project. It targeted young families that were recently married and looking for a different lifestyle, set away from the city and surrounded mostly by green areas and open spaces. The houses' architecture are known for being highly functional and offer a different living experience with an ecological landscape; that invites residents to live recreational moments with the family and encourages a lifestyle based on community collaboration.

Branding for a consulting and insurance brokerage firm.

04 March, 2021
Cliente Grupo UNICEN

Grupo UNICEN is a group of 6 companies, one in each Central American country (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama). They are in charge of advising companies to choose the best insurance for each case.

Branding for a hotel & resort

18 February, 2021
Cliente Paraíso Escondido

Paraíso Escondido is an exclusive private beach villa & resort, perched on a mountain in the beautiful coastline of El Salvador. It is located specifically at km 77 of the coastal highway, between the 4th and 5th tunnel, in the municipality of Teotepeque, department of La Libertad. It is the perfect setting for a luxurious vacation to enjoy, relax and get away from everyday life. Conceptualized and directed to high budget persons, either foreigners or Salvadorans living abroad.

Branding for a footwear and accessories startup

Portada muliera
26 January, 2021
Cliente Mulieri

Mulieri was born as a startup with the desire to create shoes; not only with a good design, but also with the possibility of adapting them to each client. That is why the idea of making customized shoes came up. It has different types of shoes, including espadrilles, oxfords, sandals in a variety of tones and textures. Mulieri currently not only manufactures shoes, but also sells accessories such as bags, hats, scarves, etc. The brand has worldwide distribution through its online platforms and has gradually gained international status and recognition, to the extent of being invited to exclusive European fashion shows, including the spring edition of London Fashion Week 2019 organized by the British Fashion Council.

Branding for a home decoration store

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06 January, 2021

KONCEPTO is a store that sells accessories and premium furniture to decorate home spaces. It provides the latest trends in its variety of furniture and decorative items chosen with the best of tastes.

Branding for the food product industry

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16 October, 2020
Cliente Grupo Nutriz

Nutriz is an industrial company that makes food products, specifically sauces, dressings, essences and vinegars. It is aimed at the mass market due to its economic prices, which is why it is also acclaimed in institutional markets such as restaurants, hotels and stores that need to be supplied with large quantities of products.

Branding for a limited edition vodka

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22 September, 2020
Cliente Disal

Vodka Troika is a national liquor brand that offers three varieties of vodka: Soft, dry and light. It is oriented to a young target who enjoys partying during the summer. The product sells very good in popular levels.

The evolution of Iced Tea through Branding

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21 September, 2020
Cliente Agua Alpina

At first there were only juices and sodas on the market, but soon after that iced teas began to enter the salvadoran market, the "war of teas" began. That is why Agua Alpina as a leader in bottled water decided to launch a healthier option, aimed at people who want to take care of their health and prefer to consume healthier drinks. This is how Alpina Iced Tea was born, the first tea with zero sugar and zero calories.

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