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Hospital de Diagnóstico

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10 November, 2023
Cliente Hospital de Diagnóstico

As a Marketing strategy for this campaign, this optimistic and hopeful concept was created, seeing this situation from a positive life perspective.


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07 November, 2023
Cliente Vocally

Vocally it is a brand of singing and vocal technique classes and coaching. In this project, Pepper developed the naming process, its logo and graphic identity, as a final result we obtained a dynamic, inspiring and professional brand.

Top Golden Events

18 September, 2023
Cliente Top Golden Events

Top Golden Events is a staff management company that aims to understand the needs of its clients to organize successful events.

Campaña Verano Agua Alpina

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05 July, 2023
Cliente Agua Alpina

As a Marketing strategy for this campaign, this concept was created in which it is emphasized that, although summer is fun and we share entertaining moments, we cannot ignore hydration, especially when we go on vacation in hot environments and we are going to be doing more physical activities.

Mr. Beef

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01 December, 2022
Cliente Mr. Beef

Mr. Beef is a wholesale supplier of meat products imported quality, whose main characteristics are: trust, experience, service, compliance and warranty. The brand saw the need to refresh its image to be able to focus on new markets and transmit the solidity and expertise that their trajectory gives them. They started with a logo refresh.

La Union Bakery

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07 November, 2022
Cliente La Única

Panificadora La Única is a bakery with a long tradition in El Salvador, which needed to be renovated to project a more current image. In this project, Pepper became a Partner of Panificadora La Única to refresh the brand, modernizing and updating it, without losing the traditional values and essence that characterize it.

Bolsa de valores de El Salvador

Bolsa de valores
17 October, 2022
Cliente Bolsa de valores de El Salvador

The El Salvador Stock Exchange sought to be a partner of Pepper in its rebranding project as it needed to project a more modern image, looking to the future and closer to all investors, regardless of the size of the investment.

Santa Rosa

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12 October, 2022
Cliente Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa was born as a project aimed at the market of young families, interested in a lifestyle away from the city and surrounded by green areas and open spaces.


11 October, 2022
Cliente Lentexpress

Lentexpress was born with a daring and innovative proposal in the market. Deliver quality lenses in 24 business hours. Thus, a minimalist and modern logo was developed that transmits dynamism and speed of delivery.

Café Majada

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17 August, 2022
Cliente Café Majada

Café Majada is one of the most traditional coffee brands in El Salvador. In order to modernize and be attractive to the current consumer, it was necessary to refresh the brand by renewing its image and organizing its packaging line.

Paraíso Escondido

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06 July, 2022
Cliente Paraíso Escondido

Paraíso Escondido is an exclusive private complex of villas, stranded on a mountain, located on the Pacific Ocean beaches of El Salvador. It is the perfect setting to enjoy, relax and get away from everyday life in an environment of unparalleled natural beauty.


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06 July, 2022
Cliente Mulieri

A modern brand was designed that is consistent with the concept of creating footwear with a personalized design, adapted to the needs of each client.

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