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Breast cancer campaign

As a Marketing strategy for this campaign, this optimistic and hopeful concept was created, seeing this situation from a positive life perspective.

There are many negative feelings related to breast cancer, such as: fear, trepidation and uncertainty. Women should not harbor these feelings, rather feel calm and live fully, because we know that through early detection we can successfully face this disease.

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Through a photographic style that reflects happy women, celebrating life, we transmit the fighting spirit and confidence that we should all have. We highlight the word live with its two dots in a different color, making a subtle association with female breasts. Always based on a pink color palette, alluding to the cause.

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To achieve greater reach and dissemination of our campaign, we implemented an influencer marketing strategy. We made a careful and strategic selection of influencers who managed to connect and adhere to the concept of the campaign and the brand to generate more organic and authentic content.

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BTL pieces were made with the aim of reaching a broader audience, increasing visibility, credibility and participation in the campaign, raising awareness among a greater number of people about the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer.

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