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The first optic in the country with an innovative concept to deliver lenses in 24 hours, entrusted the idea to Pepper for its branding.

The Pepper Challenge

Within the area of ​​optical in El Salvador, none of it had a dared to make a proposal as the signature of López Beltran Doctors: "Delivering glasses in 24 hours." Usually optics deliver the glasses to their customers in up to two weeks, as the orders are sent out of the country to make the recipe and bring it back in eleven days.

With the technology to make the glasses delivery in competitive terms, a new optics concept was born in El Salvador, that could be identified and build its brand. Among the distinctive features of this concept are speed, technology and medical quality. Knowing all of the important features, these characteristics began to work.



The Pepper Solution

The result concluded in a modern and minimalist logo, composed in two circles that make reference to a pair of glasses and three lines that connote movement and speed. The letter "e" of "express", subtly was placed inside the first ring of the len. In the typography was used a Sans Serif font, which gives a modern and clean perception. We decide to highlight the ending of the name, in that way the word "express" is easily perceived.

The colors play an important role, sky blue transmits confidence, health, medical care and quality, and gray transmits seriousness and commitment. The final result: the logo by itself explains the item and the value proposition of optics. Also it adapts, very well, to  different purposes: stationery, uniforms, BTL, among others.

The Lentexpress store was inaugurated at the end of November 2017 at Galerías Shopping Center in San Salvador. With this comes a distinctive brand to the market, product of an innovative idea that now meets the needs of a target looking for a balance between quality and price.







Client Phrase

Thanks to the Branding guidance we had from Pepper Design, we have opened 4 stores and we keep growing.

Annie de López, Owner of Lentexpress


Client: Lentexpress

Brand: Lentexpress

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