La Union Bakery
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Panificadora La Única is a bakery with a long tradition in El Salvador, which needed to be renovated to project a more current image. In this project, Pepper became a Partner of Panificadora La Única to refresh the brand, modernizing and updating it, without losing the traditional values and essence that characterize it.

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Its icon represents the combination between its main ingredient and the chef's hat that has been its hallmark over time. This logo is based on a Serif typeface that gives it modernity, strength and dynamism

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The color palette is based on the flavor and craftsmanship of its products. It is a perfect combination that reflects tranquility and security as well as tradition and flavor.

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The entire packaging line was redesigned following a new graphic line, standardizing them to connect with the consumer at the point of sale.

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A digital graphic line manual was also developed to integrate communication and maintain a consistent identity in all adaptations of the brand. In the same way, the advertising graphic line was developed, maintaining a visual consistency.

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