A hardware store that used branding for their profesional growth
Pepper design

A hardware store that used branding for their profesional growth

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SUMERSA is a traditional company dedicated to the construction material sale like iron, wood and beams, specialized in hardware store and miscellaneous products. 

The Pepper Challenge

With 26 years in the market SUMERSA, with a very traditional image and a little out of phase logo that didn’t make visual presence.Throuhg a change of image, they wanted to achieve the attention of the new generations and reach new markets. The detected problem was the elements saturation inside the logo, wich wasn´t attarctive to look at. For that reason, SUMERSA, knowing the needs of its market and its constant changes decided to bet for a Brand transformation  that would allow a greater presence.


The Pepper Solution

With an analysis, our branding experts began to clean the image so we could penetrate new markets. Something completly modern but without losing the escence of the brand. And also a logo that could make them positinateas an alternative within hardware market. 

To achieve what what we wanted, we looked to creat a new typography more ffriendly, that will evoke a hardware store with current trends. We played with the distribution of the space, so the word “ferretería”  was placed on top of the logo and at the same time we wanted to give every letter a meaning or a porpuse.

We looked for a modern concept for each letter, the first letter S was modified making it unique, using lines that cut it subtly to simulate constructions materials; as somes beams or iron pieces. On the other hand, the letter U symbolizes a nail or a hardware piece, similar to the letter M that has a unique part that simulate a squad, the letter E, a cube or a key, and the last S symbolizes a hose. Each letter embodies tools or elements that are sold in the hardware store. This aspect allowed the logo to became authentic.

In this way, we achieved the transformation of the concept and transmit it through all proposed art. Whitin the graphyc line, we used the color blue and yellow as a modern look that transmit the hardware world; after that, we created a branding book, and with that weended of and actualized the web sitie, stationery and advertising materials. With the new modified graphyc line and the crated branding, SUMERSA positionated itself as a renewed and competitive Brand within the field.




Client Phrase:

“We have received very positive comments about our Brand refresh, which already has began to implement in our social media, selling points and stationery. Whit a increase of the 15% in our sales, we are proud of the decision we made to change. It keep us in development and allows us to be a healthy brand, which has been a benefit for us”

Guillermo Calderón, SUMERSA General Manager




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