5 tips to humanize your brand
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5 tips to humanize your brand

MCI Lic. Alejandro Villalta. Chief Branding Officer-Co Founder de Pepper Design & Branding. Master en Comercio Exterior- Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
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Over time there have been many changes in making brands more attractive to their consumers. Previously, brands did not care about the customers or sympathize with them, their objective was only to sell. Then they realized that in order to sell more they had to be a little friendlier and made some adjustments to be more attractive and reach new targets.

However, today it is not enough to sympathize with customers or to be attractive, now we have to humanize brands.  This means that the brand needs to give the impression of being  a real person in order to captivate potential customers so they can connect and engage with it, generating a relationship of trust.


I share with you 5 tips for  starting to humanize your brand:

  1. Create your brand personality: define who it is, what it is like, the tone of voice with which it communicates, etc. One of the most difficult decisions is to identify if our brand is male or female. Visualizing the brand as a person will facilitate the attraction of customers to it and will  differentiate it from the rest.
  2. Define the tone of voice and language of the brand: attribute to the brand a tone of communication of its own, which differs from the others and achieves easy recognition and identification by customers.
  3. Create valuable content on digital platforms: generate content that is relevant to the people who follow them and attract new audiences.
  4. Make sure that the language of the brand prevails in all communication with your client: whether in face-to-face conversations or chatbots on digital platforms, the language of the brand must be well impregnated to generate engagement with the client or potential clients and feel that they are really talking to the brand.
  5. Learn from your mistakes: brands as well as humans make mistakes, but these should not discourage the brand, but should serve to improve and learn from them. Claims and complaints must be handled in the best way, always assuming an error and correct it quickly.

Our goal as Pepper Design & Branding is that all the brands that we create and strengthen, have these and other elements that humanize the brand in order to achieve engagement with customers and thus increase sales. If you want to know more elements to be able to humanize your brand, visit www.pepper-design.net or write to us at info@pepper-design.net. You can also communicate with us through our social networks.


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