Branding for good business ideas created in times of crisis
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Branding for good business ideas created in times of crisis

MCI Lic. Alejandro Villalta. Chief Branding Officer and Co-Founder of Pepper Design & Branding.
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In times of crisis, the human being takes out the best of themselves. This is because of the phrase: “Necessity is the mother of invention”. In our country (El Salvador)  we can see that there have been some difficult times, such as the time of the Civil War, which ended in January 1992.

Several companies were established between 1993 and 1995, the signing of the peace treaties created an ideal environment for the generation of ideas for new businesses that were later implemented. Currently these companies have more than 25 years of being active in the market.


Then, between 2008 and 2009 there was a global economic depression that left many people without jobs, generating several new companies with very creative ideas. Proof of this was the boom of independent agencies such as Pepper Design & Branding. The foundation of our company came at a time of crisis, in which there was much uncertainty and new needs.


Pepper Design & Branding was born in order to meet the graphics needs, corporate identity and branding needs that companies had at that time. To carry out these projects, something was needed that did not yet exist in our country. Just like Pepper, many companies from different areas emerged. They were born out of necessity and have now been in the market for about 12 years.


Now we face a new great world economic crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic. As a consequence and prevention measure in El Salvador the decision to decree a domiciliary quarantine was taken. This affects and impacts economically the entire country, but especially micro, small and medium companies, but also individuals. However, not everything is bad, because at the same time; it gives us the opportunity to take a break, spend time for ourselves, spend time with family and have time to think about the things that we usually never think about.  That is when the great business ideas and solutions come up. Time to create...


The only difference is that these ideas will not come out of physical business, gyms, beauty salons, etc... in a traditional way; but will come from companies that provide technological solutions that solve basic human problems. Solutions that can be performed by digital platforms, in which a videoconference and data transfer will be the most common modus operandi and we will have to adapt to it.


Changes are hard but can be made and in a digitized world, the best way to compete is through good branding, creating a good concept, having a good product or service and promoting it through digital platforms.


If you want more information on how to make a good branding to impact the digital world, or visit us at our social networks.

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By MCI Lic. Alejandro Villalta. Chief Branding Officer and Co-Founder of Pepper Design & Branding.

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