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The Challenge

The goal for Pepper Design & Branding was to give Kolescrem a redesign of packaging to remain in the top of mind in the personal care products market. This should be done very carefully with your flagship product to maintain your sales level and open the doors to the development of new products in the same category.

The Pepper Solution


Others projects

Branding for a real estate project

Primera foto

Torre Premier is a premium apartments project, born in 2018. Located in Colonia San Benito, it offers a modern and cosmopolitan lifestyle, and also an ideal location for it’s residents.

A Wildly Different Branding


Safaria is a new brand for animal lovers. Born with the concept of being a different store that offers everything for pets, where you can buy from accessories, to personalized veterinary services.

Branding to evolve Traditional Markets

Portada mauritas blog

Maurita is a family business. Its a restaurant that began with a market stall in Merliot, a classic place for Salvadorans to buy seafood, eat cocktails or buy their supplies for their home.

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