5 tips for starting a business based on experience
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5 tips for starting a business based on experience

MCI Lic. Alejandro Villalta. Chief Branding Officer-Co Founder de Pepper Design & Branding. Master en Comercio Exterior- Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
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The best ideas always emerge in times of crisis, whether economic, global or even personal crises due to job loss, etc. However, not all projects are successful, according to Entrepreneur magazine, approximately 75% of startups that are created each year do not reach 2 years of life, of the remaining 25% only a small percentage manage to reach the fifth year.  

In the more than twelve years of experience obtained in branding consulting from the business point of view. (for businesses of all sizes, large or small, with or without a budget, etc.) We have advised all types of industries, from technology brands, bakeries, dairy, meat, liquor to food and beverage. That is why, as Pepper Design & Branding we want to give you 5 tips of things to do in order to start a business and make your project more likely to succeed.


  1. Make a business plan: making an analysis of the business idea can help you discover if the business is profitable or not and has a chance of success.  This is a step that many people miss and that is why they are forced to close, due to lack of cost analysis, test simulations and other basic validations to make sure the model has viability. This causes that in a short time their expenses exceed their income and end up in one more negative statistic.
  2. Having passion for your business: problems will inevitably arise, but having that passion for what you do will help you not give up and keep trying to get your business going.
  3. Have administrative, financial and sales knowledge: you can turn to partners who are experts in these areas, as it is not enough to have the initiative and a budget. Having knowledgeable people in the administrative and sales areas will help your business grow and keep track of income, costs and expenses to have a financial order.
  4. Having trained people: many times the mistake is made of leaning towards human capital without much experience; to train them over time. However, the combination of skilled people and young people who bring innovation is ideal to grow the business.
  5. Innovate constantly: so that your business model does not get obsolete, you must be aware of new trends and it will be easier to adapt to change.


If you do not implement these tips, which are some of many that can help you get off to a good start, it is very likely that the new company will end up within the negative statistics mentioned above. Our agency creates and advises brands from a business point of view, if you want to know more tips to start your business, visit www.pepper-design.net or write to us at info@pepper-design.net. You can also communicate with us through our social networks.

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