Branding for a dairy products brand
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Branding for a dairy products brand

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La Vaquita de Oriente is a company in the department of San Miguel, in eastern El Salvador, dedicated to producing dairy and nostalgic foods. Reason why, not only is it well known in its place of origin, but it is also well known among salvadorans living abroad. They have managed to make themselves known and position themselves outside the country as representatives of best quality salvadoran dairy products.

The Pepper Challenge


The mission was to create a brand in record time, so that it could enter supermarkets and that had a commercial enough image to be competitive at the point of sale, while they in turn industrialized their production process.

The Pepper Solution


Our brading team identified that a rebranding had to be done first, so for the logo, a friendly typeface with a yellow color was used to distinguish the brand. The calf was kept in the design because many people already recognized the brand with it. It represents the type of cattle they use to make their products. Likewise, a brand book was created in which packaging for their products were standardized, a website was created to activate online purchases, new uniforms were also designed and the interior design of the point of sale was renewed, using the new graphic line.




Client Phrase

Thanks to Pepper Design & Branding we are a stronger and more competitive brand. Our new branding has been very well accepted by customers, we can tell because even in the crisis that the country is going through we have remained afloat and home delivery service has grown 100%.

Melissa Espinal

General Manager, La Vaquita de Oriente


Client: Lácteos La Vaquita


Brand: La Vaquita de Oriente



  • Brand Consulting
  • Logo
  • Institutional Graphic Line
  • Advertising Graphic Line
  • Packaging Design
  • Web Look Design
  • Interior design
  • Brandbook

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