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Data-Tata is a company that provides technological support, simplifying the understanding of information and technology (IT) services. This is done by speaking to clients in an understandable and non-technical way. Data-Tata is focused on generating solutions to technical and strategic problems for corporate and residential customers, it has several services divided into three areas, Home, business and IT projects.

Some of the residential services are home computer repair and optimization of the Wi-Fi signal so that the same Internet speed circulates throughout the house. On the other hand, in the business service they focus on company technological equipment (HW AND SW) support and creation, maintenance and support of call centers they also have virtualization of internal processes  and cloud based solutions.


The Pepper Challenge

The mission was to refresh the brand and to stop the perception of being the typical IT company. We needed to raise the perception of its quality to reach their new target with a clear and simple message to be recognized by anyone without being an expert in IT.



The Pepper Solution

Our Pepper team did a brand analysis, redefined it, established its new personality and identified new targets. We created a friendly, modern, fresh and technological brand to match DataTata´s new brand persona. For this, resources such as the superposition of vibrant colors, such as aqua and fuchsia, were used to generate a deep blue and give modernity, cleanliness and technology to the brand. For the logo typography, a technological but friendly font was sought to be able to reach each audience. Finally, a dynamic graphic line was created, addressed to each target audience with a language without much technicality to be easily understood by anyone. In addition, the slogan Making IT Simple was created, which translates to making IT easier or simple or making it simple, referring to Information and Technology.







Client Phrase

Thanks to Pepper Design & Branding, Data-Tata has become a brand with a fresh, modern and competitive image at national and international level. It is a pioneer in technological services for simplifying the lives of its clients, reason for why sales have increased by 30%”

Diego Fuentes

CTO and Co-Founder of Data-Tata


Client: Data-Tata

Brand: Data-Tata


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