Branding for a coffee shop
Pepper design

Branding for a coffee shop

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Upzila is a coffee shop located in Costa del Este, Panama City. It was created with the idea of innovating and being different from the rest, through a branding that impacts its target. Its objective is to address executives and staff of large companies working in the financial center located in Costa del Este. It was conceptualized to be the first of several coffee shops located in different Panamanian business centers. With the purpose of giving people who work there or visit the building, the option of enjoying quality coffee, without the need to leave the building.

The Pepper Challenge

The mission was to create a sophisticated and innovative brand that would have a visual impact, attract its target and at the same time reflect the Panamanian culture in its identity in order to compete with the great brands in this area. It was necessary to create a branding for a new franchise that was looking to expand throughout all business centers.



The Pepper Solution

Our Pepper team merged the client's ideas with brand analysis to give them, in this case,a feminine personality. Combining that delicate touch with the intense look of an owl and adding bright colors, we managed to obtain the logo so characteristic of this brand. The design of the coffee shops were also carried out, as well as the packaging and uniforms so that the brand has graphic unity.






Client Phrase

"Thanks to Pepper Design & Branding, we have created an attractive brand that has managed to position itself in the market. The first coffee shop has had very good  sales since its opening and we will soon open the second one".

David Mejia

Marketing Manager


Client: Upzila


Brand: Upzila Coffee



  • Branding
  • Logo
  • Graphic line
  • Interior Design
  • Uniforms
  • Packaging
  • Launch Campaig

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