Branding for a fried chicken restaurant chain
Pepper design

Branding for a fried chicken restaurant chain

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Guapollón is a chain of fried chicken restaurants in the eastern part of El Salvador, which offers both take-out and lunch options. It is one of the few options that exist in that area.

The Pepper Challenge

The mission was to create a chicken brand  concept with that name so that it could be the best option among its competitors.Besides advising the owner in everything that involves opening a new franchise, we had to generate such an attractive concept, that would position it more in the local market.




The Pepper Solution

The Pepper team created a new concept of attractive brand, through an exhaustive analysis, which was key to redesign the brand completely, change the menus including the recipes and design the interior of the restaurants.. In addition, the logo was changed, which helped to create a graphic line with bright colors such as red and yellow to suit the personality of the brand. A slogan was created highlighting the special flavor of the product and taking into account the consumer's insights, resulting in “¡Que buen pollo”, that means "What a good chicken!







Client Phrase

"The re Branding that Pepper Design & Branding has created for our chain is so impressive that as businessmen we have decided to take it to new markets. Despite the pandemic we have maintained sales and are thinking of becoming a franchise to spread throughout the country.

Elmer Posadas

Owner of Guapollón


Client: Guapollón


Brand: Guapollón



  • Brand Analysis
  • Logo
  • Slogan
  • Institutional Graphic Line
  • Advertising Graphic Line
  • Interior Design
  • Menu Design

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