Branding for a home decoration store
Pepper design

Branding for a home decoration store

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KONCEPTO is a store that sells accessories and premium furniture to decorate home spaces. It provides the latest trends in its variety of furniture and decorative items chosen with the best of tastes.

The Pepper Challenge
The mission was to create a brand with a new idea that would merge decoration and furniture items but in a different way. They started working with brightly colored furniture and accessories, some of them restored old furniture for a  strictly decorative function. 

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The Pepper Solution
The Pepper team made a detailed analysis in order to assign an appropriate name to the new brand and that is how "Koncepto" came about, because it was emphasized that it was an innovative idea and store in the market as each person creates their own decorative concept in their own spaces. A logo was also designed with an elegant and minimalist typography to reinforce the concept of premium line and quality.
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