To Live is to Take Decisions
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To Live is to Take Decisions

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Agua Alpina, with more than 28 years in the Salvadoran market, is the number two bottled water brand in El Salvador. It has national coverage and it has internationals certifications, being a formal member of the IBWA and NSF.

The Pepper Challenge

Agua Alpina, had more than 15 years without making an advertising campaign of their main brand, Alpina or any of its other brands. (Alpina Baby, Alpina Flavors and Alpina Cold Tea) As Pepper, we generated the idea to create an ad campaign and become more aggressive in advertising. We also wanted to generate much more top of mind as one of the leaders in the market.

The Pepper Solution 

The idea was created while meditating about the meaning of the word “live” and how other brands were using it. ¿What is living? Was the question that led to the creation of this campaign. To live, is to make decisions constantly, good or bad, they make us who we are. Some decide to be happy, others to be an athlete, to be practical and others the completly opposite, and those decisions determine how we live.

The idea was tied up to the brand because for every decision there is an Alpina product that accompanies us in our life. There is one for the person who decided to become an athlete, for the one that decided to go on a trip, for the one that decided to become a mother, etc.

Life is about making decisions… among all of the options of water that exist, we decide to drink Alpina, reason for the main quote ¡Drink Alpina!

The TV ad was made under this concept, using 90% female actresses and at the same time, creating controversy and woman empowerment. Because in El Salvador, women are the shoppers and decision makers of their homes. This ad was made for the digital platforms that the brand has.

Achieving 1,123,392 of reach and 3,721,231 of impressions in just two months. The result was an historical increase of the sales digits.   





Client Phrase:

Production has increased a lot and sales have gone up 22% thanks to the advisory of Pepper Design and Branding.

Griselda Torres

Marketing Manager Agua Alpina


Client: Inversiones Vida S.A.

Brands: Agua Alpina, Alpina Bebé y Alpina Sabores

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