Branding for an accessible vodka
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Branding for an accessible vodka

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Petrov Titán is a Vodka Brand that was launched for the market segment of Salvadoran working men, who want to consume vodka as a prize for their hard work. They search for a good quality vodka that is also accessible to their budget.

Pepper Challenge
The main challenge was to create a brand concept that communicates accessibility, but at the same time can be inspiring, making a connection with our target group´s emotions and motivations (The strong Salvadoran man, tough and hardworking).



The Pepper Solution
Our Team researched the target group, their motivations and lifestyle. We discovered that men want to relax consuming alcoholic drinks after their workday, enjoying the moment asx a prize for their efforts.

From this deep knowledge of the consumer, we created a Brand that makes a tribute to his daily effort, physical or intellectual.

We magnified the strength and drive of the target group, translating it to a name, packaging and campaign concept. This resulted in the name TITAN, that enlarges the work that this powerful man does, his will and achievements. At the same time, we created a strategy and digital campaign to make the Brand visible in social media and youtube, placing the messages in points of interest of the target group.



Client: DISAL

Brand: Petrov TITÁN


  • Branding
  • Naming
  • Brand Concept
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Campaign
  •  Packaging

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