Thanks to Pepper Design our clients admire the new image of Almacenes
Pepper design

Thanks to Pepper Design our clients admire the new image of Almacenes Santa Lucía

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Our Branding experts team revolutionized Santa Lucia’s image warehouses, with the aim of positioning it as a "Ready to wear" store in the fashion market. With a network of 24 stores nationwide, it has managed to enter the market through well-known brands at affordable prices. However, it had been placed in the mind of the consumer as a second-hand goods store, so the brand had to reinvent itself and offer a series of competitive advantages.

The Pepper Challenge

In 2017, Saint Lucia reached out to our agency, Pepper Design & Branding, to carry out a ReBranding. Through an analysis of touch points, the creative team found the opportunity to develop a fresher and more modern advertising graphic and institutional line without losing the essence of it.


The Pepper Solution

To achieve our goal, a rebranding was made starting from the graphic line. The typography and the color palette were managed in a linear trend, achieving a completely innovative and aspirational concept for the brand. The success of Santa Lucia had a great impact on the acceptance of the target audience, greatly increasing its positioning and becoming a fashion store for everyone.





The Customer's Phrase 

"I wanted to thank Pepper Design & Branding for supporting us in the image change of our company Santa Lucia Imports. After refreshing the brand and image, we opened 3 stores and had a 17% increase in our sales. Now the customers and visitors see Santa Lucia as a store that sells style and fashion. "

Verónica Bonilla, Almacenes Santa Lucía Owner


Client: Almacenes Santa Lucía


ReBranding Project:
⦁    Sales Points Analysis
⦁    BrandBook
⦁    Publicity and institutional Graphic Line 
⦁    Interior Design 
⦁    Institutional graphic material

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