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Branding to evolve Traditional Markets


Mariscos y Cocteles is a family business in the restaurant business that started with a market stall in Merliot, a classic place for Salvadorans to buy seafood, eat cocktails or buy their household supplies there.
The Pepper Challenge was to create an innovative concept, which allowed Maurita to evolve and expand, to open a restaurant on Paseo El Carmen and remodel 19 market stalls in the Merliot market.
The client's phrase:
“It has been an arduous and great work on the part of Pepper, which with the new makeover allowed us to open a new place and above all give a complete turn to the Merliot market concept. With the new concept, we have increased the influx of customers, sometimes we have up to 70 people on the waiting list and the percentage of sales has increased between 10% and 15%. We have received excellent comments about the change and above all, people feel in a different place. ”
Doña Maurita - Owner
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