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Branding for a Basic Fashion Store

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Escaparate, started as a entrepreneurship originated in San Miguel, El Salvador. This small store sells basic clothing items and accesories for daily use of women who search for a casual but trendy look.

The Challenge

When the concept was first created, it was made without much professional branding or marketing knowhow, reason why this brand had some weaknesses in concept and identity. The concept and instore branding had to be refreshed in order to build top of mind and strong character in the fashion sector.



The Pepper Solution

To start the creative process, our Pepper Team did a branding assessment session and a marketing research, both to create the new concept. After analyzing, we decided to keep the essence of the brand because it gave itself much strength, especially in the color pallet. After creating the new concept, the next step was designing the new graphic line of the brand. First, the typography was changed into a more friendly and minimalistic one to contrast with the black and white colors used for the Logo and Branding.

Once the new graphic line was created, stationery was designed: loyalty cards, packaging, and also the new web site. With all of this done in line with the new brand positioning and target identification, Escaparate has a new future now!

Thanks to the work done, now Escaparate is evolving to the online world through the development of a new website with an e-commerce platform that is under construction at the time.



Client Phrase

Now I feel secure to compete in the fashion market and keep selling my products; as well as pleasing my clients. Thanks to Pepper Design & Branding, our sales have increased and the possibility of opening new stores is now real.

Delmy Romero

Escaparate Owner



  • Branding Assessment
  • Brandbook
  • Stationery
  • Interior Design
  • E-commerce Web Page Design

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