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Packaging for food brands

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Monteverde is a brand of consumer products that are used to accompany or prepare meals. It takes great care of its quality and ensures its customers excellence in their products. Despite the years of being in the market, it was not recognized by its name, only as the green mark or crown; Its name was not clear, it was not big enough and the logo icons were not so specific for people he recognized and remembered.

The Pepper Challenge

Monteverde trust in the projects of Branding and Packaging that Pepper Design & Branding makes; they opted for a makeover to increase sales and be more competitive in all your distribution channels.

The entire line of new packaging and a cooler and clearer advertising graphic line was created, accompanied by an update of the logo, without losing its essence.


The Pepper Solution

Through a brand personality analysis, the image change was made, using more visually appealing photographs, highlighting their attributes and positioning their color.

Some elements were used such as the crown, the oval and the Monteverde word with its slogan "excellent quality" to maintain the essence of the brand. The typography that was used is modern, clear and legible, the logo was cleaned by removing some elements, highlighting the crown and increasing the letter to emphasize the name and position it in the mind of the consumer.

The logo seen from the packaging impacts, thanks to the more complete concept design where you can see the combination of shades of green that stand out in addition to the logo, photography; This achieved a visual impact on the gondola and differentiation from its competitors.




Client Phrase

“Thanks to the refreshing that Pepper Design & Branding did, our brand has positioned itself better, the logo is more striking, the color more lively and attractive. Our product stands out and impacts more, so our sales have remained with a good margin ”

María Elena Villacorta. Monteverde Brand Manager

Client: Monteverde


Brand Project:

  • Brand Personality Analysis
  • Institutional Graphic Line
  • Advertising Graphic Line
  • Packaging

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