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Branding in an online store

Mi Carretilla is an online shopping site with reach throughout Central America. It was born with the idea of ​​selling all kinds of items online at regional level.

The Pepper Challenge


Give life to an online shopping site with an Amazon-style concept, in which you could buy all kinds of items at a regional level; Finding a name that was easy to remember and that anyone could identify with.


The image should be youthful and fun, but with enough seriousness to generate confidence in users, creating an attractive but functional logo.

The Pepper Solution


Choose a name easy to remember by people who buy online and represents the perfect choice “Mi Carretilla”, is the equivalent to the virtual site where the items that people select to buy are stored. It also gives a sense of ownership, “Mi Carretilla” creating a connection with customers, building trust and empathy with them.


A logo made up of the icon of a trolley was designed, such as the one used in a supermarket or online shopping sites. Using warm and vivid colors like yellow and orange to give you the fun and exciting feeling of online shopping; looking visually attractive to position yourself in the market.


We select a simple and rounded font, clear and easy to read. In addition we added the ".com" in gray to give the color balance and to show the technological aspect of a serious and reliable store on a digital level.





Client Phrase:


"We have had a very positive result"


Sandra Henríquez, Owner Mi Carretilla.


Client: Mi Carretilla




  • Branding Assessment
  • Brandbook
  • Advertising Conceptualization and Design
  • Web Design

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