The evolution of Iced Tea through Branding
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The evolution of Iced Tea through Branding

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At first there were only juices and sodas on the market, but soon after that iced teas began to enter the salvadoran market, the "war of teas" began. That is why Agua Alpina as a leader in bottled water decided to launch a healthier option, aimed at people who want to take care of their health and prefer to consume healthier drinks. This is how Alpina Iced Tea was born, the first tea with zero sugar and zero calories.

The Pepper Challenge

The mission was to adjust the packaging design and create a graphic line attractive, and add campaign great enough to  launch the brand into the beverage market as a new and unique product.


The Pepper Solution

Based on an analysis and research, Team Pepper created an innovative concept that would differentiate it from the rest of its competitors. The campaign phrase was "Enjoy without worrying", making a wordplay in spanish with "fruits" since its flavors are lemon and peach, and with "worrying" about the product itself. Achieving a position in the market and being recommended for diets by nutritionists, because it has no sugar or calories.


An add campaign was created with the colors of Agua Alpina that are blue white and light blue, but with more vibrant and modern tones, combined with green and yellow to give a sensation of freshness. The label was adjusted to launch it into the market.We decided to use caps of the same color of the fruits to have a better presence and later it was launched to the market.





Client Phrase

"Thanks to Pepper Design & Branding, we have grown in the market and now iced tea is one of our star products.

Griselda Torres

Marketing Manager of Agua Alpina


Client: Alpine Water


Brand: Té Frío Alpina Sabores



  • Brand Personality Analysis
  • Add Campaign
  • Graphic Line
  • Digital Strategy

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