Branding for an Urban Restaurant
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Branding for an Urban Restaurant

New York Rap it`s a grab and go restaurant located in Antiguo Cuscatlán near to one of the biggest universities in El Salvador, UCA. They offer a diversity of wraps with flavors inspired in New York City and it’s culture.

The Challenge

New York Rap has evolved in time, it started as well as a grab and go style restaurant, dedicated to sandwiches, named “New York Sub”. As the time went by, the founders of New York Rap decided it was time to explore new ideas and bring something new to the market. To find an opportunity to grow and develop a new concept, low cost and appealing to the UCA students, was the challenge. In that way, we were going to be able to take advantage of the students traffic and reach new clients.

The Pepper Solution

In the wake of this iniciative they reached out Pepper Design help. The project began with a branding assesment which was the root to build a totally new brand identity. Inspired in urban style, the cultural diversity that you can find in NYC and the cosmopolitan lifestyyile of this city, the new concept was built and “New York Rap” was born. This new concept offers not common wraps, salty and sweet, with flavors that take you on a flash trip to New York City.    

The design of the menu was worked on, and every single wrap was analized and named after what would make you remember of New York, differents places or monuments. Always having present the new urban-cosmopolitan concept, the new brand logotype was design which was inspired in one of the biggest baseball icons of NYC, the Yankees. A script style typography was used, so we could reflect the urban style and complemented it with the colors, blue and Pink, the innovation and modernity of this city was present too.

Following the new concept a stationery and advertaising graphic lines were design. Also, the interior design was taking care of, the facilities were design in order to create a friendly but also trendy enviroment, from the music to the walls graffiti murals. To cause a good impression and experience at first site was the goal, with a grab and go style restaurant time is very mínimum so we had to have a remarkable design worthy remembering.






Client Phrase

“The new concept has impact so much in our clients, only two days from our oppening and we had students coming back and remembering the wraps by their names already. In such a short time we had reach higher sells than we used to have with our old concept.”

Alexander de Oliveira

Co Owner



  • Branding Assesment
  • Logotype Design
  • Brandbook
  • Stationery Graphic Line
  • Advertising Graphic Line
  • Interior Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Strategy

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