Branding for the food product industry
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Branding for the food product industry

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Nutriz is an industrial company that makes food products, specifically sauces, dressings, essences and vinegars. It is aimed at the mass market due to its economic prices, which is why it is also acclaimed in institutional markets such as restaurants, hotels and stores that need to be supplied with large quantities of products.

The Pepper Challenge

The mission was to differentiate Nutriz from the competition through a branding process. Having such a competitive market; with the same price range, we chose to stand out in the quality and image of the products so that they could be positioned in the dressings and essences area.



The Pepper Solution

The Pepper team carried out an assessment to identify the personality and the target audiences of the brand. In addition, a graphic line was created with a unique typography that could be positioned and then relaunched. For this purpose, a line of packaging and labels was designed for its products, with a graphic unity to represent that they belong to the same product family.


Likewise, a digital campaign concept was established to position and have presence in social networks, in which the stars of the kitchen are Nutriz´s products and their new packaging. We wanted to transmit that there is new Branding and Packaging but the quality and flavor of the products are still there.







Client Phrase:

"Thanks to Pepper Design & Branding and their brand consultancy we have achieved a modern and fresh image without sacrificing our essence. The change has been well received by our customers and has allowed us to differentiate ourselves from the competition, this motivates us to enter new markets".

Carlos Castillo

General Manager of Grupo Nutriz


Client: Grupo Nutriz


Brand: Nutriz



  • Brand Analysis
  • Logo
  • Institutional Graphic Line
  • Advertising Graphic Line
  • Packaging Design
  • Digital Campaign

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