Branding for a limited edition vodka
Pepper design

Branding for a limited edition vodka

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Vodka Troika is a national liquor brand that offers three varieties of vodka: Soft, dry and light. It is oriented to a young target who enjoys partying during the summer. The product sells very good in popular levels.


The Pepper Challenge:
Troika wanted to create a Special Edition packaging, an attractive collectible bottle for its target group. The objective was to create a Limited-Edition packaging design for Spring Break vacation which had to mix the summer environment with night life and party. During the process, the Covid-19 Pandemic stroke and changed what was planned, making us refocus our messages and adapt them to the new situation.




The Pepper Solution:
For the day version, our Pepper Team used a design portraying a tropical environment, very characteristic of our country. It used elements as palm trees and tropical leaves combining it with a yellow, green and light blue color palette. And for the night version we used a purple and blue color palette, with graphics portraying a DJ. These designs were printed in a heat shrink sleeve completely covering the bottle. This way we were able to merge party with music, as well as the fun of mixing Troika with other ingredients to create unique drinks. The pandemic caused the planned release to be delayed from Spring break to the first week of August 2020.








In ours client's words

“Thanks to Pepper Brand Marketing Specialists, we have a commemorative Limited-Edition bottle with an attractive design that is taking our brand to new preference levels and good acceptance.”


Edgar Vega

Troika Marketing Manager



Client: Disal


Brand: Vodka Troika



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