A great branding behind a good gift
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A great branding behind a good gift

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LIV is a trendy lifestyle shop offering gifts and contemporary accessories wich selects and collects items from different corners of the world.

The Challenge

We had to generate a creative and innovative branding concept for the new store that was about to enter the market, for it needed a unique identity to match the store, to impact and reach the target audience.

The Pepper Solution:

The process began with a branding assessment, to identify a key business model that should be highlighted to capture its essence and personality points, which we later gave guidelines for the ideal concept ideation. After having a very good concept allowed us to start creating a Brandbook, which led us to design  an attractive graphic line subsequently applied in packaging items and shopping bags. LIV shop must give a good impression to its  customers, so the interior design was conducted to connect with current trends and maintain unity with its concept and graphic line. We realized the project had been approached from a different perspective, because the final result was totally out of the ball park, very different from the common gift stores.





Client Phrase

Thanks to the work of Pepper Design + Branding in creating an innovative concept for the brand, we generated a great impact on the appreciation of my business it makes a big difference having a new look for my company. We have more customers and a bright future now.

Marìa De Los Angeles De Murray

Co-Owner LIV



  • Branding Assessment

  • Naming

  • Brandbook

  • Interior Design

  • Online Advertising Graphics

  • Institutional Graphic Line

  • Packaging

  • Advertising Campaign

  • Web Design

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