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COOP 1 Is a savings and loans Financial association that operates in the country side of El Salvador and has their headquarters in the department of Santa Ana. It´s main characteristic is to be the most proffitable Financial Associaton in the country.

The Pepper Challenge

This cooperative was founded over 51 years ago, and is one of the most profitable in the country. Their members receive a higher amount of return on their investment because they have managed to build a solid company.  It was founded in the No. 1 Market of Santa Ana, hence its name COOP-1. Therefore, this company was born with a complicated brand identity to communicate to their users. They use a lot of symbolism regarding cooperatives, for example, the pines that are characteristic of the financial businesses, the color green, and a motor gear, used in the industrial market.. The name played a secondary role in the past identity, and it had a basic typography, hard to remember. Reason why, they needed an innovative their branding; that would allow COOP 1 to be placed in the modern era of financial Associations.





The Pepper Solution

The first step, for Pepper's Branding team, to achieve the challenge, was the implementation of a Branding Assesment. It was identified that COOP 1 was not affiliated to any of the big cooperative groups, therefore, they were not obligated to use any of the strict graphic rules they have, for example, colors, forms etc.. For this reason, the decision was made to expand our horizons and eliminate elements, such as pines, gears and some colors. We then highlighted the brand name to make it stronger. Also a new personality was created that was much friendlier to the targets, less focused on the symbolisms of cooperatives and more attached brand values.

The design of the new logo was centralized in the name of the brand, therefore, a typographic logo was designed. integrating the number one to the word Coop (as this cooperative is widely known). The Isotype is one of the O´s in which the number one is integrated; and at the same time it is a yellow, white and green coin, this symbolizes savings, transparency and credit and it also indicates that it is Number One. Number one in everything, service, asociates, performance, profitability, etc. To complement the visualization of the brand, we added to this project  stationary, advertising graphic line and  a web look design.






Client Phrase

"Now with the change in branding we are going to be able to communicate our competitive advantage well. To be  the No. 1 Financial Association known by its profitability! We have detected so far that more than 80% of our associates are very happy with the new image, since the change in branding."

                                                 Verónica Mena

Marketing Manager Coop-1


Brand: COOP 1

Client: COOP 1  de R.L.


  • Branding Assesment
  • Brand Book
  • Advertaising Graphic Line
  • Stationary
  • Web Design 

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