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Branding for the architectural industry in Houston

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Intech is a very innovative company focused in the architectural industry, they offer services with a twist of technology; for example, they do drafting for aqrquitects, contractors and disegners, who need an extra hand.

The Pepper Challenge

Intech is technically a new company in the architectural business line, reason why part of the challenge was to create a brand, that users could easily identify their and relate to. A multicultural brand had to be created because it had to be apllied in both countries, the US and El Slavador. It was a must that both cultures understood the company´s porpuse so that the brand could grow in the future, offering more services.


The Pepper Solution

To accomplish the challenge the project started with the design of the corporate branding, where minimalist but at the same time technological allusive typographies, were selected to create the logo. As we mentioned, this typographies were used to design the new logo. In this design what stands out is the letter “I” which we gave a 3-D effect similar to how the buildings look in the arquitectural drawings made in the Intech digital programs.

The idea was complemented with te use of colors. Blue, White and Yellow were applied to the new branding because they reflected security, reliability and innovation, which are part of the values of this brand. From all this work, the stationary, advertaising line and web design were created.

Last but no least, Pepper Design & Branding created the concept for the booth Intech had in a fair, which took place in Houston, Texas. The stand design was created along with all the promotional items that were going to be neccesary in order to attract potential clients, as well. 



Client Phrase

 “Thanks to the design Pepper Design & Branding developed for our brand and convention booth, now we have a solid and professional image than the rest of our competition. Now we have more clients and new projects”

Arq. Juan Avilés



Client: Intech LLC

Brand: Intech


  • Logo Design
  • Advertaising Graphic Line
  • Stationary
  • Look Web
  • Booth Design and promotional items design

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