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Paseo del Prado is an urban development of Grupo Roble, located in “Carretera de Oro” San Salvador, El Salvador. This is an area with much potential in the near future of the city of San Salvador, El Salvador.

The Pepper Challenge

Paseo del Prado is located in an area of much ongoing development in El Salvador, near this project many stores and shopping centers and other commercial development will also be in construction soon. Nevertheless, because of its distance from the city, it needed a memorable name and Branding to attract new targets. People that could be driven to invest in this new project due to the commodities it includes as well as the different lifestyle; away from the city, but close enough to their workplaces.



The Pepper Solution

Long before we started the Branding process, our Pepper creative team visited the area where the project was taking place, in this visit especial characteristics were identified, vegetation, landscape and other insights that we needed to put into our mix of ideas. 

We used Lateral thinking and design Thinking techniques to get to the final name “Paseo del Prado”, which allowed the creation of the brand´s image, from the logotype to the advertising. For the logo, we used the flower commonly found in the area , it was designed to its minimum expression alongside  with the extremely different name. The typography used is very minimalistic. The reason for this is the modern style of the construction. For the advertising, a lifestyle concept was created, were we represented the benefits of living in Paseo del Prado, peace, security, nature and modern living.





Client Phrase

“Thanks to the great Branding Job Pepper Design did for us, our project has been successful. The sales are very good and now Paseo del Prado is another win for Grupo Roble”

Marcela Ramírez

Marketing Grupo Roble


Client: Grupo Roble

Brand: Paseo del Prado


  • Branding Assessment
  • Naming
  • Brandbook
  • Statetionery
  • Advertising 

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