A Wildly Different Branding
Pepper design

A Wildly Different Branding

Safaria is a new brand for animal lovers. Born with the concept of being a different store that offers everything for pets, where you can buy from accessories, to personalized veterinary services.

The Pepper Challenge

The challenge for Pepper Design and Branding was to give life to this new business idea and create a brand that did not have the word PET, so that it would not become just another store in the market.

The objective was to generate an attractive concept for owners of all types of pets, from the most common to exotic.


The Pepper Solution

Based on brand analysis and research, Pepper Design & Branding experts brought to life a modern and exotic concept. Creating a Safari-style animal world, where all kinds of species are found; thus emerging the name "SAFARIA", leaving aside the common names and expressing something unique, under a wild concept.

Safaria the kingdom of your pet, reflects in a colorful way the nature and the jungle, using a range of earth colors: green, brown and orange. Inspired by a Safari, with a unique typography and a freehand drawing style, where the S is an elephant and a graphic line that highlights the face of animals in their natural habitat, but that really are pets. For example, a Husky that looks like a wolf or a ChawChaw with the mane of a lion, together manages to draw attention, making the eyes are on the mark.

Safaria is a professional brand but at the same time fun in the sense that it has the main care for pets and implements that may be needed but showing them in an innovative way to stand out from the competition.





Client Phrase 

Pepper Design helped us to conceptualize and carry out our business idea in an image that was completely different to the competition and in a short time we were able to position ourselves very well.

Michelle Avendaño, Safaria Head of Brand


Client: Safaria  

Brand:  Safaria

Branding Project:
•    Branding Assessment
•    BrandBook
•    Digital Strategy
•    Conceptualization and Publicity Design
•    Interior Design
•    Implementation and Supervision of remodeling of the commercial premises

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