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Branding the magic of Fairies and Dragons

Portada hadas   dragones blog
24 November, 2018
Cliente Hadas y Dragones

There are too many toys and toy stores in El Salvador, but finding toys that not only fulfilled the purpose of entertaining, but also educate and develop skills for kidswas not yet in the minds of parents.

A Branding out of series

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11 November, 2018
Cliente Nize Store

Nize Store is a store that sells series and films collectible items, for their customers represent gifts "Out of series", different and spectacular that everyone wants.

A Wildly Different Branding

01 September, 2018
Cliente Safaria

Safaria is a new brand for animal lovers. Born with the concept of being a different store that offers everything for pets, where you can buy from accessories, to personalized veterinary services.

How to use Branding to change the concept!

Portada willy blog
25 August, 2018
Cliente Restaurante Willy

Restaurante Willy is a company in charge of food and entertainment with the desire to take advantage of new opportunities; bet on a new image accompanied by new services.

Branding to create a leading Brand

Primera foto scanzo
27 May, 2018
Cliente Industrias Capri

For more than 60 years Capri has been recognized as one of the leading firms in beds and furniture nationwide, achieving high prestige which allowed it to export to Central America, the United States and England.

Packaging for food brands

Primera foto monteverde
19 May, 2018
Cliente Monteverde

Monteverde is a brand of consumer products that are used to accompany or prepare meals. It takes great care of its quality and ensures its customers excellence in their products. Despite the years of being in the market, it was not recognized by its name, only as the green mark or crown; Its name was not clear, it was not big enough and the logo icons were not so specific for people he recognized and remembered.

Technology Industry Branding

Portada totalware blog
21 January, 2018
Cliente Ximplex

Totalware is a software that was created more than 30 years ago, developed 100% in El Salvador. Its purpose is to be a total solution, with administrative functions such as purchases, sales, billing, VAT and accounting. Thanks to of all of these functions, the meaning of his name Totalware was born.

The evolution of Cold Tea through Branding

Alpina 8 02
21 January, 2018
Cliente Agua Alpina

Alpina Water has more than 23 years of experience in the Salvadoran market, it’s a national recognized company in the field of manufacturing high quality bottled products. Standing out as one of the big companies of bottled water and healthy products for the entire family, launched this year their new product, cold tea without sugar. Designed to revolutionize the classic cold tea and give the market a new option for a healthy drink. Fresh and easy to share.

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