The evolution of a store recognized through Branding
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The evolution of a store recognized through Branding

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Park Avenue is a network of independent stores in the footwear fashion sector where the best international brands are found and defines the market trend for ladies and gentlemen.

The Pepper Challenge

With  27 years in the market, Park Avenue knows the needs of it and the evolution of it, reason why they decided to bet on a re-launch of the brand. The problem detected was that the brand did not say much about footwear fashion and was more focused on the variety of shoes. For this reason they set themselves the goal of reinventing themselves. This became a new challenge for Pepper Design & Branding as we had to transform Park Avenue into a clean and modern brand that would make the customer feel they could find something special.

Park Avenue es una cadena de tiendas independientes en el rubro de la moda en calzado donde se encuentran las mejores marcas internacionales y que definen tendencia en el mercado para damas y caballeros.


The Pepper Solution

Through a market analysis, the expert team in Branding created a new brand personality focused on the shoes fashion industry trends for men and women, and that it could reflect style.

To achieve the purpose, an easy-to-recognize icon was created using the initials P and A; making it simple to use and remember, creating a harmonious balance between classic and modern, elegant and simple. 

Maintaining the concept of modern, tropical and clean; we created a minimalist concept that would allow the forefront of world trends. Likewise, a new slogan "Step into fashion" to imply that you can take a step towards fashion, without having to say that the store sells shoes.

This is how we managed to evolve the previous Park Avenue concept from a traditional model to a completely modern one that speaks for itself. At the same time more strength was gain and a enhance image with an advertising campaign and the re-launch of the brand. Also, a new store concept was created and the "Step into fashion" became a fashion icon in shoes apt to compete with international brands.







Client Phrase 

The impact we have achieved on our customers is very favorable, now they are satisfied and have noticed the change, we have added sophistication to the brand. I had the right product but the image we were selling needed a little refresh. With the change of image we had an increase of 30% in sales in our first quarter. It really has been a radical change that was achieved thanks to Pepper Design and Branding.

Licda. Beatriz Campos, Park Avenue General Manager  


Client: Almacenes Especiales

Branding Project:

  • Brand Analysis
  • BrandBook
  • Store Concept 
  • Advertising campaign

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