Branding for a Supermarket
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Branding for a Supermarket

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Super Alameda is an independent supermarket and one of the most recognized in Cojutepeque and Ilobasco, areas in which it operates. Its focus is on the popular target group; however, the image it projected was more premium, so the perception give was opposite to what it needed to be and its sales were being affected.

The Pepper Challenge
The mission was to redefine a branding strategy, create a brand personality that was appropriate enough to engage its target groups.To give the brand the right image, perception and positioning as a supermarket that fits the pocket of its consumers.

The Pepper Solution
The Pepper team carried out an assessment to identify the personality and the publics to which the brand addresses. In order to eliminate the perception of high prices, the slogan was established as "Your tailor-made supermarket". In addition, a graphic line was created with colors that evoke low prices, offers and makes it more friendly to the general public.

The result was a good acceptance of the new concept, without giving the impression that the company had changed administration or that it was a new brand, which has made it grow and be placed within the most recognized supermarkets in the área. 

Client's phrase:

"Thanks to Pepper Design & Branding, we have redefined our brand personality and created a branding that fits just right with us, reaching the expected level of positioning to continue expanding with more stores in the near future".

Miguel Rogel
General Manager of Super Alameda

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